Avant l’Orage, Unusual Ecosystems

Artistic Responses to Climate Crisis at the Avant l’Orage Bourse de Commerce Exhibition

until September 11, 2023

As the world grapples with the daunting reality of the climate crisis, a group of artists at the Avant l’Orage Bourse de Commerce exhibition has taken it upon themselves to imagine alternative ecosystems and new seasons that reflect the urgency of the present. Set against the backdrop of a world on the brink of irreversible change, these works of art embody the struggle to adapt to a rapidly evolving environment.

The Bourse de Commerce building, once the granary of Paris, has experienced a transformation that mirrors the human impact on the planet. The structure itself, constructed of iron, glass, stone, and concrete, presents an apt setting for an exhibition exploring the shifts in time and space brought about by human activities and climate change. The building’s history, intertwined with the acceleration of global trade and the exploitation of the Earth’s resources, lends a unique weight to the exhibition.

Within this setting, the artists showcase a diverse range of work, with the Pinault Collection serving as a foundation for the exploration of new cycles and ecosystems. Hicham Berrada’s Présage, for example, immerses visitors in a landscape undergoing rapid transformation, forcing them to confront the possibility of a world without humanity. Diana Thater’s Chernobyl, on the other hand, transports viewers to an irradiated landscape, a testament to the destructive potential of human actions.

Other works, like Pierre Huyghe’s film featuring a monkey donning a human mask in the abandoned outskirts of Fukushima, and Robert Gober’s Waterfall, a trompe l’oeil depiction of nature, further emphasize the alienation of humanity from the natural world. Meanwhile, Huyghe’s Untilled, which explores the world through the eyes of non-humans, offers a glimpse of hope for new possibilities and ways to fertilize the world.

The Avant l’Orage Bourse de Commerce exhibition is a testament to the power of art to address the pressing issues of our time. The artists’ innovative creations not only expose the consequences of human actions on the environment but also push the boundaries of imagination, encouraging the exploration of new ecosystems and the potential for change. By challenging traditional notions of time and space, these works provide a crucial reminder that it is not too late to adapt, evolve, and ultimately heal our relationship with the planet.

Website: Bourse De Commerce – Avant-L’Orage

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