The Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

A Blend of Luxury, History, and Dutch Heritage

The Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam, a luxurious five-star hotel, stands as a testament to the rich history and Dutch heritage of the Netherlands. Situated along the picturesque Herengracht canal, this hotel comprises six 17th and 18th-century palatial buildings that have been meticulously restored and integrated to offer an unforgettable experience to its guests. The Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam not only showcases unparalleled luxury but also serves as a window into the past, providing a unique insight into the lives of Dutch nobility and merchants who once occupied these historic canal houses.

The Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam is a delightful blend of history and modern luxury. The six monumental canal houses that make up the hotel have a rich past, dating back to the Dutch Golden Age, a period marked by immense prosperity and significant advancements in art, science, and trade. These buildings were originally the homes of influential merchants and aristocrats, who commissioned the best architects of their time to design and construct these grand edifices.

The buildings exhibit classic Dutch architectural styles such as the stepped gable, neck gable, and bell gable, creating an intricate and cohesive ensemble. The hotel’s grand facade is adorned with ornamental details, such as sandstone reliefs, arched windows, and wrought-iron balconies, reflecting the affluent lifestyle of its original inhabitants. The hotel’s interior, while updated to accommodate modern amenities, has maintained the charm of its historic roots with intricate moldings, wooden beams, and Dutch Delftware tiles.

The Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam features 93 elegant rooms and suites, each boasting stunning views of the canal, the hotel’s courtyard garden, or the city skyline. The spacious accommodations are designed with a harmonious blend of contemporary luxury and historical authenticity. Plush furnishings, rich fabrics, and bespoke artwork create an ambiance of sophisticated comfort, while modern amenities such as flat-screen TVs, Nespresso machines, and marble bathrooms ensure the utmost convenience for guests.

The hotel’s commitment to providing a luxurious experience extends beyond its accommodations. Guests can indulge in the Guerlain Spa, an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation offering an array of bespoke treatments. The hotel also houses a state-of-the-art fitness center and an indoor swimming pool, providing guests with opportunities for leisure and exercise during their stay.

The Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam takes pride in its culinary offerings, featuring several dining establishments that cater to a variety of tastes and preferences. The crown jewel of the hotel’s gastronomic scene is the two-Michelin-starred restaurant, Spectrum, led by renowned Chef Sidney Schutte. The restaurant offers an unforgettable fine dining experience, with a menu that combines traditional Dutch flavors with innovative, international influences.

For a more casual dining experience, guests can visit the Peacock Alley, an all-day dining venue offering a selection of light meals, afternoon tea, and cocktails. The Vault Bar, housed in the former bank vault of the hotel, provides an intimate setting for enjoying premium spirits and expertly crafted cocktails.

The Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam, with its impeccable combination of luxury, history, and Dutch heritage, offers guests an unparalleled experience that goes beyond mere accommodations. From its stunning architecture and meticulously designed interiors to its exceptional culinary offerings and world-class amenities, this hotel embodies the essence of Amsterdam’s Golden Age while providing all the comforts of modern luxury. A stay at the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam is not just a visit to a hotel; it is an immersive journey through time and an unforgettable encounter with the rich and vibrant culture of the Netherlands.


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Our stay

At the moment we enter the room, the warm and soft lighting sets the mood, inviting you to relax and unwind. The rich hues and sophisticated décor give the space an air of refinement. Each Room boasts unique features, with some showcasing authentic details such as original alcoves or a decorative fireplace – a nod to the hotel’s storied past.

The centerpiece of the room is the signature Waldorf Astoria king bed, dressed in plush linens and a cloud-like mattress that ensures a restful night’s sleep. The exquisite furnishings and tasteful artwork contribute to the room’s ambiance of sophistication and style.

The spacious bathroom, with its marble countertops and gleaming fixtures, offers the perfect space to pamper yourself. The separate bathtub and the walk-in shower provide options for relaxation, whether you prefer a long, leisurely soak or a quick, refreshing shower. The separate toilet area ensures privacy, while the hand-held shower provides added convenience and flexibility.

Throughout your stay, you’ll have access to a range of modern amenities and services to make your experience all the more enjoyable. These include a flat-screen TV with premium channels, high-speed Wi-Fi, and a minibar stocked with a variety of refreshments. Additionally, the hotel’s attentive staff is always on hand to cater to your every need.

The Waldorf Astoria is dedicated to providing its guests with an unparalleled luxury experience. In the Premier Room, you’ll find the perfect sanctuary to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy the hotel’s timeless elegance.

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