Renewable Innovations Inc. Breaks New Ground with Hydrogen Fuel Cell UPS in New Zealand`

In a progressive move towards a greener future, Renewable Innovations Inc. (REII), a leading provider of zero-carbon alternative fuel solutions, has announced that it will be supplying New Zealand’s first hydrogen fuel cell powered UPS system. The announcement follows an order from a major New Zealand State Owned Enterprise (SOE). This development signals a key breakthrough in New Zealand’s renewable energy sector and a major milestone for REII.

The order has sparked anticipation of significant expansion in the project’s next phase. This potential expansion could see the project spread to over 100 sites across New Zealand. With each unit priced to deliver over $30 million in revenue, this represents a significant commercial milestone for REII.

The EmPower™ hydrogen fuel cell power system, developed by Renewable Innovations, features inverters and an intelligent management-control system, capable of delivering high quality, continuous, and carbon-free power. The system will be put into immediate production for delivery to a semi-remote location in New Zealand for acceptance testing.

Robert Mount, Founder, President, and CEO of Renewable Innovations, expressed his excitement over this development. “This is an exciting first to be implementing hydrogen power UPS solutions in New Zealand and other South Pacific countries. New Zealand is advancing its hydrogen production and supply systems. We anticipate a countrywide roll out in 2024,” said Mount.

Future orders for the EmPower™ product will require the establishment of assembly, servicing, and support facilities in New Zealand, a development that could potentially boost local employment and contribute to economic growth.

Renewable Innovations is an industry leader headquartered in Utah with team members across Europe, New Zealand, and the USA. The company has positioned itself as a key player in driving the growth and opportunities within the renewable economy. With its vast industry experience and invaluable connections across the renewable, hydrogen, and alternative energy sectors, Renewable Innovations is poised to lead the world into a new era of carbon-free energy solutions.

The recent order marks a significant step for REII, promising not only substantial revenue but also further enhancement of the company’s reputation as a key player in the renewable energy market. Investors and stakeholders should follow this development closely. The successful implementation of the project could potentially trigger a nationwide acceptance of hydrogen fuel cell technology, heralding a new age of sustainable energy solutions in New Zealand, and possibly beyond.

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