Owlet Steps Up with FDA-Cleared, Prescription Pulse Oximetry Sock for Infants: A Game Changer in Baby Care

Tue, June 20, 2023

The world of infant healthcare is in for a transformational shift, led by Owlet (NYSE: OWLT), a trailblazer in smart baby monitoring technology. The company’s stock witnessed a surge of 11.5600% as it announced its recent achievement: gaining FDA-clearance for BabySat™, the very first wire-free, prescription pulse oximetry sock designed for infants. Owlet’s existing standing as a leading provider of infant health data, having already monitored over a million babies, is further solidified by this new breakthrough.

Bridging the Gap between Hospital and Home Care

The FDA’s green light for BabySat underscores Owlet’s commitment to bringing about transformative changes in infant care solutions. BabySat uses pulse oximetry technology, which is typically available only in hospitals and medical centers, to provide a real-time display of a baby’s heart rate and oxygen saturation level (SpO2). This innovation is designed to alert caregivers if these vital readings fall outside the prescribed range.

Historically, parents whose babies needed continuous monitoring had to grapple with traditional, and often inconvenient, solutions. But BabySat is set to disrupt this pattern, allowing for accurate at-home monitoring that is both less cumbersome for parents and supervised by a physician. The device is available through prescription, enabling caregivers to provide confident, at-home care while significantly reducing the demand on hospital resources.

Addressing the Healthcare Challenges Head-on

The introduction of BabySat is timely and critical. Each year, there are an estimated 92 million infant care visits during the first four years of a child’s life. This puts considerable pressure on hospital resources and can sometimes compromise the quality of care delivered. By making medical-grade infant monitoring accessible at home, BabySat addresses these challenges directly and offers solutions that are likely to have far-reaching benefits for our healthcare system.

Expanding the Owlet Portfolio

The introduction of the FDA-cleared BabySat device adds a powerful tool to Owlet’s already impressive portfolio of consumer products, designed to provide peace of mind for caregivers. BabySat, set to launch later this year, will initially be available exclusively in the U.S. Interested customers can stay updated about product availability and more by visiting here.

About Owlet, Inc.

Founded by a team of dedicated parents in 2012, Owlet’s mission has always been to empower caregivers with accurate, timely information, thereby enhancing their confidence and reducing anxiety. Owlet’s digital parenting platform delivers real-time data and insights to facilitate this goal. The team at Owlet believes in giving every parent peace of mind and every child the chance to lead a long, happy, and healthy life. They continuously work towards developing products that echo this belief. To learn more about Owlet, visit www.owletcare.com.

The Future of Owlet and Infant Care

As an investor and market observer, the FDA clearance of BabySat is of immense significance. It not only demonstrates Owlet’s capability to create cutting-edge, consumer-friendly technology but also positions the company as a major player in the expanding digital health market. This market was worth $96.5 billion in 2020, and according to projections by Global Market Insights, it could potentially reach $295.4 billion by 2026.

Owlet’s announcement signifies the potential for rapid growth, market expansion, and increased investment opportunities. The company’s strides towards easing the burden on the healthcare system while improving infant care through tech innovation make


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