OTC News Releases August 2023

OTC News Releases 08-31-2023

08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoVPTDFVentripoint Diagnostics Reports Second Quarter 2023 Financial Results
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoKAIFFLetter to Shareholders
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoKAIFFNotice of General Meeting/Proxy Form
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoAWCMYAlumina Limited 2022 Sustainability Update
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoMGUFFMidmetal Pursues MOU with Magnum
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoACOGFAlpha Cognition Announces Initial Closing of Private Placement and Pricing for Continuation of the Offering
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoBGDFFRationalisation of Minority Joint Venture Interests
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoEMUSFElectric Metals Announces Commencement of New Metallurgical Test-Work Program and Technical Advisory Board Appointment
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoBHLIFUnaudited Condensed Consolidated Interim Financial Statements For the three-month period ended May 31, 2023
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoGALMF2023 Annual General Meeting – Key Dates
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoSITSSouthern ITS International, Inc., Agrees to Acquire Kinzie LLC
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoGVXXFGoviEx Files Resource Update for Muntanga Project
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoDMXCF2023.07.31 – District Receives Approval of Sagtjarn Mineral License Applications in Central Sweden
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoDMXCF2023.06.22 – District Receives Approval of the Ardnasvarre Mineral Licence Application in Northern Sweden & Notes Recent Media Report Regarding Support for Uranium Mining & Exploration in Sweden
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoDMXCF2023.05.30 – District Receives Approval of Tasjo Mineral License Applications in North-Central Sweden
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoDMXCF2023.05.03 – District Receives Approval of Additional Viken Mineral License Applications in Central Sweden
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoDMXCF2023.04.12 – District Receives Approval of Mineral License Application that Encompases the Majority of the Polymetallic Viken Deposit in Central Sweden
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoDMXCF2023.03.31 – District Comments on the Status of the Uranium Moratorium in Sweden
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoDMXCF2023.03.07 – District Applies for Additional Mineral Licenses to Increase Land Position to the North & South of the Polymetallic Viken Mineral License Application in Central Sweden
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoDMXCF2023.03.02 – District Metals Announces Closing of $3 Million Brokered Private Placement Financing
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoLVCLYAnnual Report and Appendix 4E
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoDMXCF2023.01.30b – District Announces $3 Million Brokered Private Placement Financing – Summary of Offering
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoDMXCF2023.01.30 – District Announces $3 Million Brokered Private Placement Financing
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoDMXCF2023.01.25 – District Comments on Recent Media Reports to Lift the Uranium Moratorium in Sweden
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoCOGZFNotification of buy-back – CGS
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoDMXCF2023.01.05 – District Applies for Mineral License that Encompases the Majority of the Polymetallic Viken Deposit in Central Sweden
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoTLSSTLSS Operations Launches New Regional Overnight Service
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoDMXCF2022.12.14 – District Reports on Historic Drill Results from the Svardsjo Property Including 15.6 m at 13.3% ZnEq
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoDMXCF2022.11.22 – District Reports on Positive Soil Sampling Results from the Gruvberget Property
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoDMXCF2022.11.16 – District Provides Update On The Bakar Copper Property
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoDMXCF2022.10.24 – District identifies Four New Targets & Completes Detailed Soil Sampling Program at the Gruvberget Property
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoDMXCF2022.10.03 – District reports on Soil Sampling Survey & Rock Sampling with up to 22.9% Zinc at the Gruvberget Property
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoDMXCF2022.09.21 – District Intersects 9.1 m at 6.1% ZnEq on the Gruvberget Property
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoDMXCF2022.06.08 – District Intersects 25.5 m at 8.2% ZnEq on the Tomtebo Property
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoDMXCF2022.07.13 – District drills Shallow Polymetallic Sulphide Mineralization on the Gruvberget Property
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoDMXCF2022.06.08 – District Intersects Strong Visual Sulphide Mineralization at the Tomtebo Property
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoDMXCF2022.05.16 – District reports on Airborne Electromagnetic & Magnetic Results at the Svardsjo Property
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoTBIXFTrustBIX Inc. Announces Signing of Definitive Agreement to Acquire 100% of Alberta Food Security Inc.
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoCBTTFCathedra Bitcoin Announces Results of Annual General Meeting
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoRVLGFRevival Gold Closes Termination of Royalty Interest
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoRKCLFRockcliff Metals Announces Shareholder Approval of Plan of Arrangement With Hudbay Minerals
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoTGHLFTornado Global Hydrovacs Announces Stock Option Grants
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoARESFArtis Real Estate Investment Trust Provides Notice of Series E Preferred Unit Reclassification Date and Distribution Rates
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoBTQQFCORRECTION: BTQ Technologies Corp. Announces Voting Results of Annual General and Special Meeting
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoLBNKFLithiumBank Receives Conditional Acceptance from the TSX Venture Exchange for its Sale of Saskatchewan Projects to Pristine Lithium Corp.
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoKSIOFGlobal Healthcare Manufacturer and Distributor Selects Kneat for Digital Validation
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoMYRUFMyriad Now Holds 80% Interest in Niger Properties
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoANPMFAndean Precious Metals Announces Results of Annual General and Special Meeting of Shareholders
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoCMILFCapella – Financing Update
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoMURMFMurchison Minerals Concludes Summer Exploration Program at HPM Project
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoAOTVFThe Watchlist by The Market Herald Releases a New Interview with Ascot Resources Discussing Their Latest News
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoTGGLFToggle3D.ai’s AI Lab Announces Breakthrough With Generative AI Photo Rendering
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoCWBKCW BANCORP Quarterly Cash Dividend
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoOLKROpenLocker Announces NIL Deal with Trevor Etienne and Bleu Bird Wings To Engage and Reward University of Florida Fans as Season Kicks Off
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoGMPRGourmet Provisions International Corp. (GMPR) Announces two more Cousin T’s Gourmet Pancake Mixes in 32 Sedona’s Grocery Stores
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoIFABFiFabric Corp Update on Status of EPA Submission of PROTX2 Textile Application
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoBYAGFBanyan Gold Discusses Resource Growth, Yukon’s Tombstone Gold Belt and Next Steps to Advance Project in New CEO Video Interview on Planet MicroCap
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoUCASUUCASU exceeded analyst’s expectation for the first half of 2023
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoPUMXFPuma Exploration Welcomes Jean-David Moore to its Advisory Board
08/31/2023Limited Information IconAURINew Business Development updates
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoAHIXAluf Holdings Announces Termination of Chief Executive Officer and the Initiation of a Search for a New Chief Executive Officer F
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoTDRKTiderock Companies Announces Significant Reduction in Authorized Shares, Reinforcing Commitment to Shareholder Value
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoECNLFThe Board of Directors of Aquafil S.p.A. approved the Company’s consolidated operating and financial results at June 30, 2023
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoTLRSTimberline Closes First Tranche of Non-Brokered Private Placement
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoESKYFEskay Mining Drills VMS Mineralization at Four New Targets at Its Consolidated Eskay Project, Golden Triangle, BC
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoFMCCThe 30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage Decreases
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoFISBDirector Henry Ruhnke Announces Retirement from the Board of Directors
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoTNTAFRevised Financing Arrangement
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoDCPXFDanCann Pharma A/S publishes Q2-2023 report
08/31/2023Limited Information IconAURIAuri Inc. – New Major Acquisition
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoMUNMFMundoro Announces Profitable H1-2023 Results
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoRHHBYReminder – Invitation to Roche’s Pharma Day 2023
08/31/2023Limited Information IconAURIShareholders Updates
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoTBBCTriad Business Bank names Chief Banking Officer
08/31/2023Limited Information IconAURINew Acquisitions and business updates
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoRDRSFRDARS Achieves Official Drone Manufacturer Safety Assurance Certification for Eagle Eye V3 in Canada
08/31/2023Limited Information IconAURINew business developments and shareholders updates
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoGLBXFExcellon Provides Update on Globex Royalty Property Area (Silver City)
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoBSEGBig Screen Entertainment Group to Present Company Update at The Emerging Growth Conference on September 7, 2023
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoIVCTFMobilisation and Rig up at Mukuyu-2 Completed
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoVTYBThe Philadelphia Inquirer Names The Victory Bank A Winner Of The Delaware Valley Top Workplaces 2023 Award
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoIMPUYImplats Annual Financial Results FY2023
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoPKBOPeak Bio, Inc. Announces Up-listing to OTCQB Market
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoVRSCFValterra Provides Corporate Update; Property Acquisition Status
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoHMBLHUMBL, Inc. Announces Expansion of Strategic Financing Relationship with Pacific Lion
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoLTUMLithium Corporation Reports Promising Summer Drill Campaign Results
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoXSHLFurban-gro, Inc. Announces Sale of Investment for Proceeds of $2.3 Million
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoPLMNFPalamina Receives US$ 50,000 Advance Royalty Payment from Winshear Gold Corp
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoHMBLHUMBL Management To Conduct Q+A Interview on SmallCapVoice.com
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoCBMJCBMJ to Purchase American Media Periscope (AMPNews) Combining New Media Patriot Powerhouses
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoOAKCOakworth Capital Bank Names New Member to South Alabama Market Board
08/31/2023Limited Information IconAURINew Business developments and updates
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoSPOMSPO Global Inc, Corn Assembly Line Successfully Delivered and Enters Debugging and Installation Phase
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoAPAAFAppia Deploys Third Drill at PCH Ionic Clay Project in Brazil
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoTTLHFTotal Helium Graduates to OTCQX
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoMNBPNexTier, Inc. and Mars Bancorp, Inc. Announce Merger
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoLZGIFatBrain AI ($LZGI) Reaches Growth Milestone for Its Insurance SaaS Marketplace
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoIGXTIntelGenx Announces Closing of First Tranche of Non-Brokered Private Placement From Strategic Partner for Approximate Aggregate Gross Proceeds of US$3 Million (Including US$750,000 to be Received by the Company Once Shareholder Approvals Have Been Obtaine
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoPSYCPSYC Acquires Stock Day Media to Help Bolster Revenue Production Capacity
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoTZUPThumzup® to Present at The New York Venture Summit on September 7, 2023
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoEPAZEpazz Presents ZenaDrone 1000 to United States Government Security Agencies and Releases Road Map for Next 9 Months
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoMEDIFMediPharm Labs Publishes Study Investigating Medical Cannabis Impacts on Anxiety and Depression Outcomes in Fibromyalgia Patients
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoPKBOPeak Bio, Inc., Announces Appointment of Michael Friedman to Board of Directors
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoNILIFSurge Battery Metals Engages Kautz Environmental Consultants at the Nevada North Lithium Project
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoPLCKFPlurilock Establishes Information Security Advisory Council
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoACDVFAir Canada Highlights ESG Accomplishments with 2022 Citizens of the World Corporate Sustainability Report
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoRGGIResGreen Levels Up its AI-Powered Vision System with YOLO Object Detection Algorithm
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoNNXPFNanoXplore and VoltaXplore announce an agreement with a well-known heavy commercial vehicle OEM for supply of Li-ion battery cells and strengthening its energy storage team with former veteran of Tesla
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoKPZIFOphir Announces Restart of Exploration Work at the Radis Lithium Project in James Bay Quebec
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoEXPGYTotal Voting Rights
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoMSSTFOtsuka Pharmaceutical to Acquire Mindset Pharma
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoBTQQFBTQ Technologies Corp. Announces Voting Results of Annual General and Special Meeting
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoFPOCFFPX Nickel to Host Investor Webinar and Release Preliminary Feasibility Study on Baptiste Nickel Project
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoABMLAmerican Battery Technology Company Secures up to $50M Investment to Support Commercial-Scale Battery Material Construction Projects
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoCRYMCryoMass Partners with California Manufacturer to Revolutionize Cannabinoid Production
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoPRVCFPreveCeutical Engages New to the Street for Production & Broadcasting Services
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoVGGIFBoosh Enters Into US Licensing Agreement and Line of Credit
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoTTLHFOTC Markets Group Welcomes Total Helium Ltd. to OTCQX
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoKRKNFKraken Announces $2.7 Million of Sonar & Subsea Battery Contracts
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoNWCCFNorthWest Copper Announces BC Securities Commission Hearing on Allegations that Activist Group Violated Securities Laws
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoDSVSFDiscovery Announces the Submission of its Environmental Impact Assessment for its Cordero Project
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoNRSAFNorse Atlantic Airways Q2 2023 report -Strong growth in revenue and strong momentum going into Q3
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoPALAFDate of AGM and Closing Date for Director Nominations
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoHLOGFOperational Update – Crew
08/31/2023Pink Open Market LogoSCMCFEureka Lithium Ramps up for Phase 2 Program in Nunavik
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoFCUUFFission Expands Technical Team; PLS Development Progressing on Schedule
08/31/2023OTCQX Best Market LogoHAFNFEx-dividend USD 0.2528 today
08/31/2023OTCQB Venture Market LogoGXXFFGold Basin Increases Private Placement
08/31/2023Limited Information IconAURIShareholders Updates New Acqusition


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