A Journey Through the Evolution of a Cultural Movement at Saatchi Gallery’s

17 February – 9 May 2023, 10 AM – 6 PM (last admission 5 PM)

BEYOND THE STREETS LONDON, curated by graffiti historian Roger Gastman and supported by adidas Originals, presents an unprecedented collection of graffiti and street art at the iconic Saatchi Gallery. Spanning three floors and featuring the work of over 100 international artists, the exhibition delves into the cultural impact of street art across the world, from its defiant origins to its modern influence in fashion and film. This essay explores the transformative journey of street art through the lens of BEYOND THE STREETS LONDON.

Emergence of Punk

The emergence of punk in the 1970s played a crucial role in shaping the street art scene. The raw, anarchic spirit of punk music and fashion mirrored the energy of graffiti and the desire for self-expression. BEYOND THE STREETS LONDON showcases works that capture the rebellious ethos of punk, offering a unique insight into the early days of street art and the subculture that helped define it.

The Birth of Hip-Hop

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2023, hip-hop has been an integral part of street art’s growth and development. As a cultural movement rooted in creativity, hip-hop music and street art have shared an intertwined history. The exhibition highlights key moments in this relationship, showcasing works by artists who have drawn inspiration from the genre, and vice versa.

Street Culture in Fashion and Film

As the street art movement has evolved, so too has its influence on fashion and film. BEYOND THE STREETS LONDON acknowledges this cultural impact, displaying extraordinary fashion pieces and original ephemera that demonstrate the connection between street art and popular culture. From the likes of Keith Haring and KAWS to Shepard Fairey, the exhibition illustrates how street art has transcended its origins and become a fixture in the world of fashion and film.

Evolution of Street Art

BEYOND THE STREETS LONDON showcases the work of artists whose roots lie in graffiti and street art, but who have since evolved into highly disciplined studio practices. The exhibition highlights the journey of these artists, demonstrating how street art has grown beyond its rebellious beginnings into a respected and influential art form.

BEYOND THE STREETS LONDON at the Saatchi Gallery offers a comprehensive exploration of the street art movement, from its emergence in punk and hip-hop culture to its impact on fashion and film. The exhibition serves as a testament to the power of street art and its ability to inspire, challenge, and ultimately transform public spaces and popular culture. By examining the evolution of street art through the works of over 100 international artists, BEYOND THE STREETS LONDON reveals the depth and complexity of this ever-evolving artistic movement.


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