Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc. (AITX) Secures Multiple Orders via Subsidiary Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD)

Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc. (AITX), through its wholly owned subsidiary, Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD), has made a significant breakthrough in the artificial intelligence (AI) security space. The company has managed to secure two significant orders from one of RAD’s largest authorized dealers for an array of security solutions, including 11 ROSA™ security devices, 6 AVA™ access control solutions, and 2 SCOT™ towers.

This is a game-changer for AITX and a testament to the potential of RAD’s cutting-edge AI security technology in reshaping the $25 billion security and guarding services industry. These devices will primarily serve a global brewing company that features on the Fortune 500 list.

The Power of AI-Driven Security Solutions

The latest orders demonstrate the rising appeal of RAD’s AI-driven security devices. The solutions are set to be deployed across multiple locations, with the bulk of the units (9 ROSAs, 6 AVAs, 2 SCOTs) stationed at the brewing company’s Midwest location. The remaining two ROSA units will oversee security at a large east coast parking structure.

Interestingly, these deployments are designed to reduce the reliance on traditional manned guarding options and improve the security profile and efficiency of these business establishments. The ROSA units will secure the walkways, while the SCOT towers will offer emergency call options along crucial routes. Furthermore, the AVA devices will be stationed in the lobbies, managing employee and visitor check-ins and verification procedures – a task traditionally handled by a guard.

These arrangements offer a glimpse into the transformative role AI technology is playing in redefining the security landscape. The time-consuming and resource-intensive tasks traditionally handled by humans are now being efficiently managed by AI-based devices. As a result, businesses can realize substantial cost savings, a benefit that has played a key role in attracting a growing number of customers to RAD’s solutions.

The Bright Prospects Ahead

The latest orders signal the beginning of a potentially rewarding journey for AITX. The company’s focus on designing innovative AI-driven security solutions is already beginning to pay off. With these new orders, RAD will not only build a stronger relationship with its current clients but also attract new ones, bolstering its overall market position.

According to AITX CEO, Steve Reinharz, the order is “the type of sales opportunity we have built this business to support.” RAD is in a prime position to scale bigger and broader in the face of increasing demand for its cost-saving, high-performance AI-driven security solutions. This potential growth is anchored on the robust adoption of RAD’s solutions and their proactive promotion by RAD’s impressive client base.

Setting the Stage for the Future of Security

While the recent orders are indeed impressive, they represent just a glimpse of the future. AITX, through RAD, is redefining the entire security landscape, shifting the narrative from traditional, costly manned security to AI-driven, cost-effective solutions.

Moreover, the company already has a prospective sales pipeline with over 35 Fortune 500 companies, and several other client opportunities. As RAD converts its existing sales opportunities into deployed clients, it will continue to generate a recurring revenue stream, making its future brighter than ever.

However, prospective investors should bear in mind that this publication contains forward-looking statements, which are not guarantees of future performance and may involve subjective judgment and analysis.

In conclusion, AITX’s success in securing multiple orders for RAD’s security devices is a testament to the rising demand for AI-driven security solutions. This development signals a bright future for AITX as it continues to revolutionize the security industry with its cost-effective, AI-driven solutions. These solutions are not only effective in reducing the need for human security personnel but also add a level of sophistication and efficiency that can revolutionize the way businesses operate.

The recent orders further confirm that AITX, through RAD, is leading the charge in a rapidly changing market landscape. The market’s acceptance of RAD’s solutions also represents a shift in mindset, as businesses move towards more advanced and cost-efficient solutions to meet their security needs.

RAD’s technology, which offers innovative solutions for a broad range of security challenges, is seeing widespread adoption. The demand for such devices will likely surge as businesses seek to streamline their operations and cut costs in a post-pandemic world.

Beyond cost savings, RAD’s technology offers businesses the opportunity to leverage advanced AI technology to enhance their security. Its ROSA™ security devices, AVA™ access control solutions, and SCOT™ towers are more than just security devices; they provide businesses with a comprehensive security solution that integrates seamlessly with their existing infrastructure.

The latest deals with the Fortune 500-ranked, global brewing company also underscore the confidence that large organizations have in RAD’s technology. These orders reflect a recognition of the transformative potential of RAD’s AI-driven security solutions and provide a strong endorsement of their value proposition.

All in all, AITX’s ability to secure multiple significant orders marks a key milestone in its journey and represents a strong vote of confidence in the future of AI-driven security solutions. As RAD’s technology continues to redefine the security landscape, the future looks bright indeed for AITX.

The question isn’t if AI will revolutionize the security industry; it’s how quickly AITX and RAD will lead this transformation. Looking ahead, I expect to see more businesses jumping on the AI bandwagon, and AITX is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend. I will be keeping a keen eye on AITX as it continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the security industry.

As always, I encourage investors to do their research and make informed decisions. AITX’s forward momentum is undeniable, but every investment carries risks, and it’s essential to understand these before diving in. Stay tuned for more updates on AITX’s journey in revolutionizing the security industry with AI-driven solutions.


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