A Strategic Partnership: PHI Group Joins Forces with Saphia Alkali JSC

New York, a city often referred to as the global epicenter of commerce, finance, and innovation, has recently witnessed another significant business development. PHI Group, Inc., now known as Philux Global Group Inc., has announced a significant business agreement with Saphia Alkali JSC, a Vietnamese joint stock company.

This groundbreaking agreement marks an exciting new chapter in the collaboration of two leading companies in their respective fields. Both are looking forward to breaking barriers, leveraging each other’s strengths, and collectively expanding their reach to global markets.

The New Business Agreement

On June 28, 2023, PHI Group, Inc. revealed that they had signed a Business Cooperation Agreement with Saphia Alkali JSC. The agreement aims at fostering mutual growth and cooperation in financing, manufacturing, selling, and distributing Saphia Alkali’s proprietary alkali products worldwide.

In line with the agreement, both companies have incorporated “Sapphire Alkali Global Group,” a Wyoming corporation, as the parent entity to execute the Business Cooperation Agreement. This move significantly enhances the reach and impact of both companies, making their products and services more accessible on a global scale.

The Funding and Ownership Structure

Philux Global Group and its affiliates will commit a whopping three hundred million U.S. dollars towards this venture, securing forty percent of the ownership in Sapphire Alkali Global Group. In contrast, Saphia Alkali JSC will retain the majority sixty percent ownership.

Understanding Saphia Alkali JSC’s Solutions

Saphia Alkali JSC is renowned for its 100% herbal alkalis, which undergo proprietary activated technologies. These alkalis are natural compounds characterized by high alkalinity, reaching a pH level of 13 +/- 1.

What makes these alkalis exceptional is their rich natural composition. They are abundant in plant antibiotics, minerals, microbes, vitamins, and more. As a result, they possess the powerful ability to neutralize excess acid in the body, restore bodily balance promptly, and aid in the healing of damaged cells.

Moreover, these herbal alkalis contain a variety of medicinal substances, including Glycosides, Flavonoids, Terpenoids, Saponins, and others. These substances are known for their anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling properties within the body, offering tremendous health benefits.

Reputable Healthcare Products from Saphia Alkali JSC

Saphia Alkali JSC’s (https://kiemsaphia.com/) product portfolio is vast and covers a wide range of health conditions and needs. They have developed numerous healthcare products, each with unique benefits:

  1. Saphia Alkali Balance: A health supplement that aids in the treatment of metabolic disorders and imbalances in the body. It is particularly beneficial for thin people, people with poor resistance, or those in the early stages of disease.
  2. Saphia Alkali DD: A supplement that aids in the regeneration of healthy tissues and healing of gastrointestinal ulcers such as antral inflammation, gastric ulcer, gastric congestion, etc.
  3. Saphia Alkali GT: A supplement known for detoxifying the liver, reducing rashes, urticaria due to internal heat, reducing liver enzymes, eliminating kidney toxicity, reducing nocturia, cramps, improving physiological ability, and increasing vitality.
  4. Saphia Alkali TG: A supplement that enhances resistance, detoxifies, and protects liver and kidney functions.
  5. Saphia Alkali UB: A supplement that boosts the immune system and enhances patient resistance. It aids in reducing tumor size and balancing the alkaline and acid environment in the body.
  6. Saphia Alkali X300 (Saphia Alkali D-REVIE X300): A renowned supplement that effectively supports antioxidant capacity, enhances health, improves resistance, reduces fatigue, and helps limit the harmful effects of oxidation.
  7. Saphia Alkali XK: A supplement that alleviates osteoarthritis pain, arthritis, regenerates damaged cartilage bone cells, and slows down the aging and osteoarthritis process.

In addition to these healthcare-related products, Saphia Alkali JSC has successfully developed solutions for agriculture, aquaculture, and the environment using its proprietary activated alkali technologies.

A Vision for the Future

The chairperson and inventor at Saphia Alkali JSC, Mrs. Dung Phuong Nguyen, expressed her excitement about the partnership. She sees the partnership as an exciting journey to bring healing, well-being, and benefits to many people. She also expressed her wish for peace and health to everyone through their herbal alkaline water.

Similarly, Mr. Henry Fahman, Chairman and CEO of PHI Group, Inc., is thrilled about the partnership. He believes in the potential of this partnership to make a difference in the lives of people who need these products.

About Saphia Alkali JSC

Saphia Alkali JSC, a Vietnam-based joint stock company, is engaged in the research and production of herbs, functional foods, and natural compounds from biotechnologically activated 100% nature. It has successfully created products for healthcare, agriculture, aquaculture, and the environment, impacting multiple industries.

About PHI Group

PHI Group primarily focuses on Philux Global Funds, a group of Luxembourg bank funds, and building the Asia Diamond Exchange in Vietnam. The Company also engages in mergers and acquisitions and invests in businesses with large, growing market potential and select special situations that may substantially enhance long-term shareholder value.

Forward-looking Statements

This announcement also includes “forward-looking statements” that describe future expectations, plans, results, or strategies. However, it’s worth noting that these statements are subject to numerous risks and uncertainties that could cause future circumstances, events, or results to differ substantially from those projected in the forward-looking statements.

Contact Details

To learn more about this strategic partnership, you can contact Philux Global Group Inc., (f/k/a PHI Group, Inc.) at info@philuxglobal.com or call them on +1-714-793-2977.

This partnership heralds an exciting time for both companies as they move forward with their shared goals and aspirations. It will be fascinating to see the results that this collaboration will yield in the near future, impacting global health and wellness positively.


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