A Hip-Hop Math Whiz Kid: Kidpik’s Disney+ Collaboration Celebrates The Unique Style of “World’s Best”

Calling all fashion-forward families! Get ready to add a touch of Disney magic to your wardrobe with Kidpik’s latest collaboration, launched to celebrate the release of Disney+ Original Movie, “World’s Best.”

You’ve heard about Kidpik Corp. (NASDAQ: PIK), haven’t you? They’re the innovative company behind the immensely popular Kidpik subscription box. This time, they’re making waves for another reason – a fantastic partnership with Disney to celebrate the release of “World’s Best,” a charmingly uplifting film now exclusively streaming on Disney+.

The movie tells the tale of 12-year-old Prem Patel, a math genius who learns that his late father was a renowned rapper. This revelation prompts Prem to start a journey into the world of hip-hop and pave his own way to stardom.

In celebration of this enchanting story, Kidpik has designed their “Classic to Cool” pre-styled fashion boxes. This selection aims to encourage children to express their genuine selves and let their confidence sparkle.

Step into Prem’s Shoes with “Easy as Pi” Style

There’s a definite buzz around “World’s Best.” It masterfully blends humor, hip-hop, and the challenges of adolescence in a heartwarming tale of self-discovery. But what’s got us all excited is how Kidpik’s stylists have brought the film’s spirit to life through their curated fashion boxes.

Taking inspiration from Prem’s journey, the stylists have put together an array of mix-and-match outfits that are sure to impress mini mathematicians and trendy teens alike. With sizes ranging from 2-16 and shoe sizes from 9-6, every child can find their perfect outfit.

Fashion Equations That Add Up To Style Success!

Kidpik’s limited-edition boxes make dressing up as simple as counting “1, 2, 3.” Parents, say goodbye to morning mayhem and hello to easy, stylish outfits that your kids will love to wear.

Here’s the best part: no subscription is needed. These special boxes are available for a one-time purchase starting at $98. They include seven style pieces that can be combined to create multiple looks, and you can choose whether to include shoes or not. Plus, each box comes with a matching accessory to add that extra spark to your child’s ensemble.

Curious to see the collection? Head to https://kidpik.com/worldsbest and get ready to step into the new school year with the most stylish wardrobe!

The Power of Music, Math, and Style

“World’s Best” is a delightful blend of music, humor, and a touching tale of self-discovery. Kidpik’s latest collection encapsulates the essence of the film, promoting self-expression and confidence through its stylish outfits. It’s a perfect way for your kids to celebrate their uniqueness and take on the world, just like Prem.

Don’t miss out! This exclusive collection from Kidpik is sure to be a hit, just like the film itself!

For more information on Kidpik, their Disney+ collaboration, or to order your box today, visit www.kidpik.com.

You can follow Disney+ on Instagram: @DisneyPlus, Twitter: @DisneyPlus, Facebook: @DisneyPlus, and TikTok: @DisneyPlus. Don’t forget the hashtag #WorldsBest.

Keep up to date with Kidpik at Facebook.com/Kidpikworld, Instagram.com/Kidpik, Twitter.com/Kidpikworld, and YouTube/Kidpik.

For all investor relations inquiries, contact ir@kidpik.com.


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